Friday, November 21, 2014

Insyirah with her new shoes

Last sunday,we went to sungai petani to buy jubah,kopiah and serban for ammar ariff fahim. Next saturday he have to attend hari ihtifal and will perform a nasyeed on that event. So we went to ihram sg petani as suggested by my friend coz it will be easier to get all those things.

After that we had our lunch at kfc giant sp..i wish to have a new sandal at bata,when i looking around,my little princess told me...mama,come come here.1i want new shoes as i will be on stage coming saturday..abang ammar already have his jubah,so its my turn to buy my thing...ow ow ow..this little girl!

I said ok,which shoes do u prefer?she hold my hand and ask me to get a pink shoes..erk..rm49.90..i think i have to sacrifice my wish lah..she said,mama can i have this shoes?..that talkative girl try it out...ok u can have it!

.hem hem hem..pokai oready hahahha..arrived home,eagerly try that shoes..ih ih ih..ok la little girl..skali skala xpelah..

Tomorrow,be a good nyamuk ek..perform well on stage ya..